Phat Bundle

1 Phat Cream & 1 Phat Wrap Bundle:

PHAT Cream The Most Advanced Fat Incinerating Cream

  •   Evaporate Water Retention

  •   Incinerate Fat on Spot

  •   Heat Activated Thermogenic

Reap extra rewards from your regime with Phat Cream! A daily application of this topical cream assists your abs definition and helps create the ultimate shredded six-pack. Scientifically-formulated and heat-activated, Phat Cream provides an extra boost to any high-performance diet and exercise program... which empowers you to make the most of your muscles!


The Phat Wrap Waist Trimmer helps to raise your midsection's temperature, which will increase the production of sweat, leading to burning more fat.
Additionally, the Phat Wrap also acts as support for your mid and lower back. Used in conjunction with Phat Cream this duo cannot be beat! You will turn your midsection into a fat shedding, sweat dripping machine.
  • Increase sweat production in your midsection
  • Elastic material allows for contouring to your body's shape, while offering full flexibility. 
  • Premium liner avoids moisture that keeps the sweat out
Sizes : we recommend measuring your midsection prior to purchasing
X-Small : midsections up to 26 inches 
Small : midsections up to 30 inches 
Medium : midsections up to 34 inches  
Large : midsections up to 38 inches 
X-Large : midsections up to 42 inches
2XL : midsections up to 46 inches